War and the Commons

Stephan Hochleithner, 2021 Abstract: The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC’s) province of North Kivu has been afflicted by armed conflicts among a multitude of differently sized armed groups and actors for decades. The convoluted character of the dynamics has, among a manifold of effects, also led to massive and repeated internal displacement. As a… Continue reading War and the Commons

Reversing the Gaze

Towards Post-Comparative Area Studies Based at the University of Zürich, Switzerland, I am looking into how to decolonize political theory in course of the SNF funded SINERGIA project Reversing the Gaze. ‘This project uses a “conceptual laboratory” to take a critical theoretical approach we call “reversing the gaze” – i.e. deploying concepts developed in the… Continue reading Reversing the Gaze

Capitalism and the Commons

NEW BOOK, OUT NOW @ Routledge Andreas Exner, Sarah Kumnig, and Stephan Hochleithner (eds.) Capitalism and the Commons focuses on the political and social perspectives that commons offer, how they are appropriated or suppressed by capital and state, and how social initiatives and movements contest these dynamics or build their struggles on commoning. The volume comprises… Continue reading Capitalism and the Commons

Understanding of Extreme Climatological Impacts

from Hydrogeological 4D Modelling building on a transdisciplinary approach In cooperation with the Austrian Geological Survey. Financed by the Austrian Academy of Science, the project looks at human-non-human connections in regard to water are connected in an Austrian alpine valley. Researchers are focusing on a broad spectrum of measurements as well as on close cooperation… Continue reading Understanding of Extreme Climatological Impacts

Der Exodus aus Afrika und andere Migrations-fantasien

Stephan Hochleithner und Andreas Exner 2018 Dieser Text erschien in Die Presse, Printausgabe vom 29.12.2018, und ist online verfügbar auf diepresse.com. Das Thema Migration hat sich über die vergangenen Jahre zu einem Dauerbrenner in heimischen Medien, in der Politik und in alltäglichen Gesprächen entwickelt und bestimmte auch das Ergebnis der jüngsten Nationalratswahlen mit, wenn es… Continue reading Der Exodus aus Afrika und andere Migrations-fantasien

Outmigration, Development, and GEC

Outmigration, Development, and Global Environmental Change. A Review and Discussion of Case Studies from the West African Sahel. ICLD Working Paper Series, No.15. by Stephan Hochleithner and Andreas Exner. Open Access, Fulltext available: here. “This working paper gives an overview over literature on emigration from the West Sahel, with a selective focus on resource-dependent livelihoods… Continue reading Outmigration, Development, and GEC

Theories of Migration in and from Rural Sub-Saharan Africa

Theories of Migration in and from Rural Sub-Saharan Africa: Review and Critique of Current Literature ICLD Working Paper Series, No.14. by Stephan Hochleithner and Andreas Exner. Open Access, Fulltext available here. “This working paper presents an overview of the global literature on migration with a focus on rural areas. It discusses the general structure of… Continue reading Theories of Migration in and from Rural Sub-Saharan Africa

Local Government and Migration

Local Government and Migration: A Review of Literature and Media Narratives with Focus on West African Sahel ICLD Working Paper Series, No.13. by Stephan Hochleithner and Andreas Exner. Open Access, Fulltext available here. “Multiple questions are constantly asked about migration. What are the driving forces behind migration? What happens at the intersection of climate threats,… Continue reading Local Government and Migration

Modes of Access.

Towards a comparative analysis of temporary and incomplete enclosures. SNF Post-Doc Fellowship at the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, University of California, Berkeley PROJECT FINISHED (2017-2019) This project engaged with enclosures of so-called natural resources, like land, that have in recent studies been described as incomplete or temporary. The aim of the project… Continue reading Modes of Access.

Beyond Contesting Limits

Beyond Contesting Limits: Land, Access, and Resistance at the Virunga National Park Conservation & Society, 15 (1), 2017, pp 100-110. Open Source Full Text available at Conservation & Society. by Hochleithner, Stephan Abstract: After almost two decades of violent conflict in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) – during which time the Virunga National Park… Continue reading Beyond Contesting Limits