Beyond Coping Strategies

Socio-Economic Relations and the Organisation of Access to Land among Internally Displaced Persons in DR Congo’s North Kivu Province.

Dissertation Project
Political Geography, Department of Geography, University of Zürich, Switzerland


Internally Displaced Persons in Eastern DR Congo struggle hard to get access to resources or activities, which enable them to make a living. They have hardly any access to means of re-/production, of which land is certainly the most crucial. Access to land thereby appears to be a constitutive factor for socio-economic relations in general; for how an individual is limited or empowered in his or her possibilities; for the connection between what Raeymaekers (2011) phrases as “making a living and making a life“.

The dissertation project I focus on how the massive displacements in Eastern DR Congo‘s North-Kivu province and processes of negotiating, establishing and maintaining socio-economic relations are interconnected. Land, as the key means of re-/ production, will be at the centre of the project’s scope. The latter will eventually expand into the more broader sphere of access in general, as well as on conceptualising multi-pluralist situations.

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