Reversing the Gaze

Towards Post-Comparative Area Studies Based at the University of Zürich, Switzerland, I am looking into how to decolonize political theory in course of the SNF funded SINERGIA project Reversing the Gaze. ‘This project uses a “conceptual laboratory” to take a critical theoretical approach we call “reversing the gaze” – i.e. deploying concepts developed in the… Continue reading Reversing the Gaze

Understanding of Extreme Climatological Impacts

from Hydrogeological 4D Modelling building on a transdisciplinary approach In cooperation with the Austrian Geological Survey. Financed by the Austrian Academy of Science, the project looks at human-non-human connections in regard to water are connected in an Austrian alpine valley. Researchers are focusing on a broad spectrum of measurements as well as on close cooperation… Continue reading Understanding of Extreme Climatological Impacts

Modes of Access.

Towards a comparative analysis of temporary and incomplete enclosures. SNF Post-Doc Fellowship at the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, University of California, Berkeley PROJECT FINISHED (2017-2019) This project engaged with enclosures of so-called natural resources, like land, that have in recent studies been described as incomplete or temporary. The aim of the project… Continue reading Modes of Access.

What people in Eastern Congo do for money

Mountains of the Moon

Installation by MICHELA FLÜCK on my research in Eastern DRC. On show at TRANSACTIONS, Parrallel Event of MANIFESTA 11, Zürich, 2016. “Den Binnenvertriebenen im Kongo bleibt nichts als ihr Körper, den sie im alltäglichen Kampf ums Überleben verkaufen. Die Künstlerin Michela Flück setzte die Forschung von Politgeograf Stephan Hochleithner um”. (Theo van Däniken, UZH News)… Continue reading What people in Eastern Congo do for money

Reconfiguring Public Space through Green Urban Commons

On the significance of agrarian movements for urban space in Vienna. Project funded by the Vienna Fund for Science and Technology Department of Political Science, University of Vienna, Austria   The project engages with the connection between the public and self-organised appropriation of land in Vienna for agricultural-horticultural purposes. Public space in the city is very often being… Continue reading Reconfiguring Public Space through Green Urban Commons

Beyond Coping Strategies

Socio-Economic Relations and the Organisation of Access to Land among Internally Displaced Persons in DR Congo’s North Kivu Province. Dissertation Project Political Geography, Department of Geography, University of Zürich, Switzerland   Internally Displaced Persons in Eastern DR Congo struggle hard to get access to resources or activities, which enable them to make a living. They