War and the Commons

Stephan Hochleithner, 2021 Abstract: The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC’s) province of North Kivu has been afflicted by armed conflicts among a multitude of differently sized armed groups and actors for decades. The convoluted character of the dynamics has, among a manifold of effects, also led to massive and repeated internal displacement. As a… Continue reading War and the Commons

Beyond Contesting Limits

Beyond Contesting Limits: Land, Access, and Resistance at the Virunga National Park Conservation & Society, 15 (1), 2017, pp 100-110. Open Source Full Text available at Conservation & Society. by Hochleithner, Stephan Abstract: After almost two decades of violent conflict in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) – during which time the Virunga National Park… Continue reading Beyond Contesting Limits

Constructing Landscapes of Value

Capitalist Investment for the Acquisition of Marginal and Unused Land – The Case of Tanzania Journal of Land Use Policy, Vol. 42, January 2015, pp 652-663. Full Text available at ScienceDirect. by Exner, Andreas; Bartels, Lara E.; Windhaber, Markus; Fritz, Steffen; See, Linda; Politti, Emilio; Hochleithner, Stephan Abstract: The current global wave of land acquisition –… Continue reading Constructing Landscapes of Value